Go to “Journal Entries” from Transactions section on Left side of the screen

Click on Add Journal Entry button

Check if auto-populated Booking date and Voucher are ok, otherwise please edit them accordingly

Click on “Insert Line” button to create New Line 1

  • Select Account from drop-down list or type Account number or Account name. Once account is selected, name and currency of account appears.
  • Give Text for the journal entry in “Text” field
  • Kindly select relevant Tax code in “Tax” field or leave it blank if input/output tax is not applicable
  • Give value of transaction in Currency field (Add negative “-“ sign before amount in case of Credit line item)

In case of Accounts created in currency different to Company currency, kindly input value in Account currency, Standard exchange rate will populate from Exchange List (however, rate can be edited). Amount in Company currency will be auto-calculated.


  • Click on Save to save the New line item 1

Now repeat same procedure for New line item 2 and so on

Upload document for the entry from Upload button, if applicable

After ensuring Net of Debit and Credit lines is Zero, click on Save button. Entry is booked.

Edit/Delete Entry:

Booked Entry can be edited /deleted by selecting it and clicking on “Edit” / “Delete” button

Post Entry:

Booked entries are saved as Provisional. They are editable. But once entries are posted, they can not be edited

Entries can be posted in below ways

Date-wise: Click on “Post entries” button and giving date range from which entries to be posted

All entries: Click on “Post entries” button and Select All entries radio button

One entry: Select Journal entry, click on Edit button. Then, click on Post entry button and selected entry will be posted.

Create Account/tax while booking entry:

We have a facility to create new Accounts or Tax codes while booking entry itself, it could be done so by clicking on corresponding “+” icon

Invert entry:

We have invert entry button to invert Debit line items to Credit and vice-versa

Copy Paste Journal Entry:

Select the entry and click on Copy Paste button

Entry Lines will be copied. Please check Booking date & Voucher and Save the entry.