1) Start in WinEUR

   open the company and fiscal year

  •     press Shift F1
  •     Look for the Doc folder, and click on the left to open it
  •     select all the documents (Control A)
  •     right click and select zip 
  •     choose a location and name for the archive that will contain all documents (ex DOC.ZIP), remember that location and file name.

2) Log into Peppermint

3) Open the fiscal year of the company that you would like to upload your documents to 

4) View the Dashboard, and click on the button Import Vouchers (Zip)

5) click on Select files (or drag and drop the DOCS.ZIP file on the gray bar)

Browse and select the DOCS.ZIP file that you saved in step 1.

6) a progress bar will be displayed, and when it reaches 100% the upload is finished, and the dashboard will be displayed again. 

- you may then check that your entries have got documents attached to them. Either by displaying the journal entries.

- the Dashboard diagnostics will check if all entries have got a corresponding document attached to it.