Download the installer, and launch it on your PC.

Read and accept the licensing conditions, EULA,  (or call if you have questions or an issue with that)

After it has done the job, the installer closed, and you are read to open Excel.


We need to click on Parameters, to setup the Peppermint credentials

The Parameters popup screen:

You must define : 


if you use different instances of Peppermint, or access more than one Tenant, you may want to store those settings by giving them a name (the Profile).

Service url

This is the url (internet address) used to access Peppermint.

The Peppermint production url is :


Enter the tenant defined by your Peppermint License

Ex: FrankTenant


Enter you user login

Ex: Frank


Enter the email corresponding to your Peppermint user.

ex :

Important step : Create a key