Go to Insurance references :

Double-click (or modify button) on the LAAC line.

Fill in all the fields. 

If it's a compatible Swissdec insurance, you can click on Load a profile and choose one :

Check the insurance contract carefully to see if it mentions groups of people. If it does, go to the Groups of People tab and use the same codes. You should ask the insurance for an ELM profile. 

Then go to Details of contracts :  

There is often the notion of various salary bands in LAAC policies. The most common being 11 (A1) and 12 (A2) above. However, some contracts have a third bracket, such as 13 above.

If the insured wages are only LAA wages, this corresponds to code 11 above. Double click on the line to be modified (or click on the modify button).

Indicate the group and category, the possible ceiling (indicated as one twelfth of the annual ceiling fixed by the policy), the age limit, the different rates to be applied. The current ceiling in relation to the LAA salary is 148200 / 12 = 12350.

If there is a contribution rate to be applied to the excess earnings, see code 12 :

In this case the floor is one twelfth of the LAA salary. The ceiling depends on the contracts (in the above example 300'000.--). It is possible that no ceiling is mentioned, but this is rare.

Some contracts mention an additional rate on the total OASI salary, which would give something like the following:

Create as many detail lines as necessary according to the contract.

Go to Settings, Salary items and check in the Computation elements tab that the contract corresponds for each of the wage types:

For more details about LAAC item settings, see here.

To see how to manage it at the employee level, see here.