Peppermint is a full web accounting suite, developed by Frank Servais and his team, built to be compatible with the accounting suites from GIT SA (Geneva), in particular WinEUR.

Peppermint’s development started in October 2019, as a challenge to develop the future applications for GIT without using internal resources. The initial development was started by using Freelance resources.

Main features

  • Fully hosted on the Cloud (Microsoft Azure, Servers in Switzerland)
  • Relying on the database Microsoft SQL
  • Developed in C# using the framework ASP.NET Core
  • Entity Framework (Code First)
  • User interface and reports using Telerik Components
  • Multi-Tenant
  • Using GIT Authentication Service for login (Microsoft, Google or local accounts)
  • Licensed by GIT S.A. as Peppermint
  • Development using Microsoft Devops, GIT, Scrum project management