Scenario 1: unconditional 13th salary

If the employee is entitled to an unconditional 13th salary, check "Unconditional 13th salary" and in the field "Percentage 13th salary" the percentage entitlement of the employee to the 13th salary will be indicated (100 = full 13th according to the earnings). The balance of the current entitlement will be calculated automatically in the field "Balance 13th salary". The 13th salary is calculated in proportion to the salaries concerned.

(If an employee is not entitled to the 13th salary, it is sufficient to leave the number 0 in the field Percentage 13th)

Scenario 2: Conditional thirteenth salary based on dates

If the right to the 13th salary is conditioned by seniority, give the dates of application and the percentage to be calculated (in this example, 75% from the 7th month and 100% from the second year).