Go to Employee Management :

On tab n° 5, sub-tab LAA /DII : 

If there is only one LAA insurance, it will be proposed automatically. If there is more than one, simply scroll down the contract to select the relevant fund.

As far as the contract code is concerned, we find those that have been defined by the user in the insurance references. (In case of doubt, see here).

LAA / SUVA code: these are the codes common to all insurance companies. To know :

0: very rare, e.g. outside directors

1: the employee is insured for occupational and non-occupational accidents and contributes to the non-occupational accident premium

2: the employee is insured for both occupational and non-occupational accidents but the employer pays for all of them

3: the employee is only insured for occupational accidents (e.g. working less than 8 hours per week)

If the employee is not paid at all (trainee etc...) it is necessary to activate the minimum wages LAA. (10% of the maximum for those under 20 years old and 20% for those over 20 years old) by placing a check mark in the appropriate box.