Go to Settings - Salary items :

Position yourself on the item  (DO NOT uncheck it): 

On the Global tab, (which becomes grey as soon as the item has already been used), the type of item must be  Pension fund and the field Social deductions item must be ticked..

On the Computation Elements tab, the Active for Minors and Active for pensioners boxes must not be checked.

The insurance contract must be the one that was defined. (In case of doubt about the settings, see 

here )

There are two scenarios with respect to pension fund(s)

Scenario n° 1 : Either we work with fixed amounts or rates applied to the entire salary:

In this case the Ceilings/Floors section is not filled in.

If you are working with fixed amounts


end of period adjustment.

If, on the other hand, you are working with rates, you must tick it.

Scenario 2: Working with rates that apply to the coordinated salary:

In this case the Ceilings/floors section is filled in at a rate of 1/12 per year. (In the example above, the amounts 2021/2022 according to the basic law, but which could be different according to the contract)

Check the box End of period adjustment.