It is possible to generate ISO20022 payment files and switch the amounts paid in advance of the salary in the current month.

 To use this option, first activate the option in the company settings:

Then, create a specific heading for these payments, different from the normal item for advances:

In the "Global" tab, type it "Already paid salary". Do not submit it or apply it to anything.

Add it in the format of the payslip and the accounting document and if necessary, in the dictionary.

Activate it in the employee management, in the Salary data - Other items tab or via the update permanent  items tool to activate it for everyone.

To generate the payment file, go to "Payments" and click on "Edit amounts" (unless you want to pay everything):

Type the amounts to be paid directly into the table:

Click on OK.

Click on "OK" to generate the payment file as usual.

When we go into the calculation, if we run a "calculate all", the question will arise:

If so, answer yes.

If there were just a few employees, it is possible to just click on Compute on the relevant people to answer the question individually.

When you go back to the payments, the balances to be paid will be proposed.

 Note: it is possible to make several payments that will be added together as you go along.

 It is possible to display all the employees, even those who have no bank or no salary. In case this payment file payment is "bogus" (in fact cash advances).

In case of a glitch.... If a payment file has been accidentally generated that should not have been generated: Diagnostics, Tools, Salary tools, Delete Payments.

It is possible to delete certain payments or a list of payments from a certain date, etc...

After deleting payments, go back to the calculation so that it updates the salaries.