When you create a new item, its integration to the payslip is not automatic, you have to add it.

Open the file FicheDePaie.ffs (or another file specific to you)

Reminder: to see the whole page, double-click in the margin to open the report properties:

When working in the format, give the page a height of 1297 instead of 297. (Don't forget to put back the 297 at the end of the work).

Example: if you want to insert the 3465 item :

Click in the middle of the line before the one you want to add. You should get 2 red dots on the left, 2 in the middle and 2 on the right.

Right click on it :

Choose New details band per copy.

Give the new item number and click on execute.

Reset the page height to 297 and save.