It is possible, thanks to the data extraction, to generate the same document as the annual general summary in an excel-compatible form, whether for a global summary, by departments, analytical accounts or according to a selection of headings.

Go to Data extraction :

Select File - New with temporary table - General summary of salaries...

This window opens :

Note that the last month proposed is the last month closed. You can choose the range that you want within the limits of the closed months.

Clicking on OK we will obtain the window :

Clicking on the gearwheel will generate the report.

By generating it as it is, we will obtain the same as the classic annual general summary but exportable to excel :

By clicking on the printer icon, you will have the choice between previewing the report, printing it, opening it in Excel or sending it by email as a pdf:

General summary by department / analytical account / subsidiary

The procedure is the same as above checking an option :

The result will be :

A summary by departments one after the other.

If you only want one, click on the filter (funnel):

Check the box CodeDep and indicate on the right the code of the chosen department.

Mix :

The program will prompt for the primary key sorting.

Summary on a selection of salary items

If you want a partial summary, you can select only a few items:

The item selection mode is compatible with all the choices made previously.