Go to data extraction :

Most of the data in the employee management is contained in the tables employe.db and employe2.db.

The fields contained in employe.db are :

and those contained in employe2.db are : 

Let's take a list of employee addresses as an example. We need the name, first name, address, postal number, city and country.

Click on Tools - Generate SQL query :

Choose emplye.db :

Click on next.

Check the fields you need: LAST_NAME_EMPL, FIRST_NAME_EMPL, ADDRESS1, ADDRESS2, POSTAL_NUMBER, CITY and HOME_COUNTRY all in the order in which you want to obtain them.

When everything is selected, click on OK and you get :

Click on the gear wheel :

You get :

From this screen, by clicking on the printer icon, you can obtain a preview, a printout, an excel table or a pdf to send by e-mail.

By clicking on the funnel, you can filter the data.

If there are fields in both employee tables, check the necessary fields in the first one, click on next to get the rest:

In this example, the social insurance number is in employe2.db. The query will be generated as follows: