It is possible to import a certain amount of information to create employees from an Excel spreadsheet.

Go to 

To generate the file to know the structure of what the program can import, the first thing to do is to determine the desired fields:

Use the > or >> buttons to move the desired fields in the spreadsheet from left to right.

When done, 

When it is done, click on "Tools" - "Create excel file for making entries." and save it. The spreadsheet is generated.

To import employees into a company, you need to enter the information into the Excel file and save it. Then go to the company to 

Specify the file to import

First, click on "Check" to verify the integrity of the data:

If it is good, the "Run" button is activated and you can click on it:

The imported data are only partial compared to all the information that must be entered in the employee management, so the employee's file must be completed.

An option allows you to complete the contents of the file in columns according to existing profile types. It is clear that profiles must be created beforehand.