If you need to have an identical data of all employees, it is not necessary to go through the data extraction.

This can be done directly from the employee management.

Go to Employee management :

Click on Selective update :

This will allow to see everyone at the same time on a specific information:

If the information consists of checkboxes, the table will show 0's and 1's, with 1 meaning that the box is checked:

There is also access to the permanent items of the employees:

In the case of salary items, it will only show the people for whom the item is active (checked in Tab 5, Salary data, Othe items). You cannot activate or deactivate an item from this screen.

It is not just a matter of displaying, you can also make changes from this tab. If this is the case, do not forget to click on Apply :

otherwise the modification will not be taken into account.

If you want to update all the employees with the same information, you can click on the Same data for all button when you are on an employee with the information in question so that it is reproduced identically for everyone.

The Export button allows you to generate a delimited tab file that can be imported into Excel. The Import button allows you to import a delimited tab file.