Several options are proposed for payslip printing :

The choice of the month is free in relation to the past period.

Simply scroll down the list of past months and make your choice. If you need a range of months, choose the first month, put a tick in To month and choose the last month of the range.

You can choose filters on the destinations, analytical accounts, departments or subsidiaries that you want to print.

The payslips are printed in the language that has been defined in the employee management. If it is necessary to print in another language, it is possible to force the language of printing.

If you send pay slips by e-mail, just click on Selection of all employees with an e-mail address so that it selects only the people concerned and then click on Inverse selection to select those for whom you will make a paper printout.

You can generate pdf files directly by clicking on the button Pdf export.

The first possibility is to generate a global file with all the payslips. You just have to give a destination directory and a file name to save it.

If you choose to generate one file per person, check the desired file name composition.