It is possible to insert a fixed footer that can be aligned with the base of the page regardless of the content that precedes it.

Example: put the company details in the footer.

Double-click in the document margin to give the document sufficient height:

Double-click in the margin to open the report properties

Select "Footer las page" and click on "Modify". In the footer properties window, give a height of 20mm.

Click on the button  then in the footer area. Enter the text that you want to appear at the bottom of the page.

Uncheck "Auto size" and give a value for the width.

Click on the text and on the button if you want to center it.

Resize the height of the area by clicking on the bottom middle red dot and moving it up.

Double-click in the footer (not on the text) and check "Aligned on bottom of the page".

If y you want to draw a line on the top of the text, 

Check Sperior in the box. You can change the color. By clicking on Custom Colors, you have access to gradients if you want, for example, to match the color of a logo.