When a departure date is known, always put the date in the employee management as soon as you have the information.

When you arrive in the month of departure of the person, the program displays a reminder.

It also indicates whether the person has returned all of their equipment.

When the program finds an exit date in the current month, the Days worked box appears.

If the month is not complete, as the program cannot know the company's policy and has to make a calculation to enter, it starts from the date mentioned and months of 30 days.

In most of the professions, we base ourselves on working days. So you have to enter the number of working days you want to pay. (If he/she leaves at the end of the month, do not enter anything).

The calculation that will be made will be : Basic salary / Days per month * Days worked.

Click on Compute final statement.

If the person is entitled to a 13th salary, it will be calculated automatically.

If you manage the vacations, put a check mark in With calculation of the vacation balance and click on the button Compute final statement.

The vacation balance will be calculated automatically.

If the month is not complete and the employee had other fixed salary elements that should be prorated, it is possible to also check the box Fixed amounts proportional to days worked.