Select the employee from the list and click on the compute button:

In the calculation screen, enter the necessary variable data by leaving the box with the Tab key. Once you have entered the data, click on the  compte button :

As regards the quantity items (hours, days, kilometers, etc...) only put the employee share. The calculation will be done on the two parts. For the other headings, always ask yourself whether the amount represents an expense or a income in accounting.

If we introduce a bonus, for example, the amount is an expense in the accounts, so it is entered as a negative in the employer's share.

If an advance on salary is entered, it is neither an expense nor an income but another way of paying the salary.

If you want to go back, right-click on the line concerned, Reset the report entered by hand. Click on Use permanent data.

If you want to delete everything, click on Delete this salary, then click on Use permanent data.