Go to the employee management and open the concerned employee.

Start with the tab n° 5 / sub-tab withholding tax / taxes

Canton of taxation = tax table of the canton to be used

Canton for WT statement = Avoid filling it in because this notion is no longer used. It goes back to the time when you could use the table of a canton to declare in another. It is not hidden because some users need to be able to view old years.

Type of taxpayer : Employee, director, etc...

Category: scroll down to choose the letter of the corresponding scale. The choice is based on the canton selected above.

Municipality of work: of the employee. (Note that this information must be filled in for all employees, whether they are taxed at source or not).

Municipality of residence: this is the tax municipality. All the fiscal communes of the cantons of Geneva and Vaud are registered in the program. (If the municipality of the employee's address is not included, it is attached to another tax municipality which must be determined here). If the address is abroad, leave it blank.

Fixed rate / fixed amount: offer the user the possibility of not letting the program calculate the taxes itself.

Basic deduction allowed by the cantonal tax authorities: for NGOs that are entitled to deductions

Take into account the rate of employment in the calculation of the withholding tax: the program uses the rate for a 100% salary or something else if indicated in the adhoc box and applies it to the salary of the employee concerned.

Fictitious withholding tax : if you want to calculate a fictitious tax for an employee not subject to

Preferential or adjusted rate : This is especially the case in Geneva when the scale applied to the employee does not correspond to his or her real family situation, upon derogation by the cantonal tax administration.

For people paid by the hour:

If they work full time for the same employer, possibility to check Monthly table for the program is not based on the hourly scale.

If an employee who is subject to withholding tax ceases to be so during the year (C permit or other), the "Type of taxpayer" must be left until the end of the current year so that it is included in the calculations and put "Not subject" in the Category (instead of the letter of the scale) from the moment when he is no longer subject. The following year you can indicate "Not submitted" in the "Type of taxpayer".