Start by determining the amount of the difference. Do not allow it to put the difference amount in the default account.

Start by checking the monthly general summary to see if there is any inconsistency immediately. (click here to find it).

Examples (not an exhaustive list):

- The employer's share of an item making up the gross is not identical to the employee's share

- Where child allowances are paid directly by the fund, the amount of the reversal is not identical to the amount of the allowances

- The reversal of benefits is not identical to the benefits

- A new item has been created and has not been introduced in the voucher definition

- A new department or analytical account has been created and not added in the voucher definition 

- In case of analytics, an employee has an occupancy rate different from 100% in his analytic distribution


If the causes are not obvious, go to Voucher :

Check Detail of voucher - Don't check With creation of salary entry batch file, click on Execute :

Click on Quit.

Go to data extraction and open the file contrôle pièce détail :

Click on the gearwheel.

The employees counted must all have a total of 0.

If this is not the case and you get something like:

We can see that the problem is only on the employee DUPONT.

Once the problem has been located, you can go back to the details of the voucher and once it is displayed, filter on the employee concerned:

(Click on the funnel and select the employee code).

The details of the employee's posting will be displayed:

By clicking on the printer icon, you can either print the detail in question or open it with a spreadsheet.

Go to the calculation of the employee's :

And we see that the employer's share of the bonus has been entered for a different amount than the employee's share. Correct it.