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The idea is to obtain a table with all the items, employee share and/or employer share, with one line per person. As the table is difficult to print, it is mainly intended to be opened with a spreadsheet.

Several options are available.

Choice of dates :

1- All periods: until the last month closed

2- From month to month: choose the months in the drop-down menus

3- Current month: the current month not yet closed

4- Any month: drop down menu

Choice of shares: employee, employer or both. In the case of both, the table will be big.

The columns will be more or less wide depending on whether you choose to print the item numbers or also their labels.

The display of the gross total and deductions is optional.

The table can be generated for only a few selected items.

It is possible to add the notion of department in the table. If an employee is divided into several departments, the amounts will be calculated in proportion to the occupation rate.

The same possibility exists for the analytical accounts.

When you have chosen all the parameters, click on OK.

The filter button allows you to select only certain items.

Click on the printer icon and choose Spreadsheet to open the file in a spreadsheet.