The item name is limited to 50 positions and can be alphanumeric. This can be changed at any time.

The type of the item, i.e. whether the item is of the type units (hours, days, etc.), contribution, net, banks or generic. Certain types of items can only be used once because of their dependency on calculations.

The types of itemss that can only be used once are

- Unemployment

- Withholding tax

- Net

- Bank 1 / 2 / 3

- Cashier

- Basic salary

- Unemployment solidarity

- Ecclesiastical

- Grossup

- Thirteenth salary

- Provision 13th

- Maternity insurance

- Net-gross compensation

- Seizure according to net

- Provision for vacations

- PC family

- Negative salary adjustment

- Negative salary to be carried forward

- Salary already paid

- Grossup GEM

Indicate whether the item is part of the gross salary or social deductions, if it is a special type of wage item for tax purposes.

In case of gross to net calculations or grossups if the item is compensated or not.