These types of items allow mathematical or logical operations to be carried out between items.

These items are assimilated to "generic" items when the type is "formula" and "statistical" when the type is "statistical formula".

The terminology to be used is :

ME = employee amount

MP = employer amount

B = base

TE = employee rate

TP = employer's rate

EmplTauxOcc = employee's occupation rate

EmplHrs = employee's average hours

EmplSalBase = employee's basic salary

The operators are the usual mathematical operators (+, -, *, /, CASE, etc...).


An employee has a guaranteed minimum gross salary of Fr. 5'500.--. Composed of a basic salary of 3500.-- and a commission on sales of 15%.

Item 2000 (basic salary) fixed at 3'500.--.

Item 1900 (realized sales (statistical type))

Item 3512 (commission on sales (generic type item)) 15% rate on item 1900

Item 9830 (guaranteed minimum wage (statistical type) 5'500.--)