he first time, the screen looks like this:

You will have to start by creating the currencies. Click on "Insert".

Give a code to the currency, the short and long labels that you want to display and print, the ISO code and the number of decimal places of the currency.

Create all the currencies that will be needed in this way.

The next step is to define the rates.

Click on "Insert".

Indicate for which currency the rates are introduced and in relation to which. 

Choose the mode of entry of the rates then indicate the number of decimal places used to indicate the exchange rates.

Give a standard rate and a closing rate. They can be identical. The choice of the rate used will be effective later on. It is always possible to come back and modify these rates.

Insert all the rates you need.

You can define rates valid for specific dates or date intervals.

Select the period, the rate, and click on Insert :

The value date is the beginning of the period to be taken into account. Enter the desired rate.

Define all necessary exchange rates.