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Check the boxes of the insurances ready to receive the PUCS file. Check the box of the Statistical Office if the company is concerned (and it is a year when the survey is taking place).

Click on Execute.

Click on Send file.

Depending on what has been transmitted, you will get a window with either a completion button + a release button, or just a release button.

If there is a completion button, click on it.

Then you will be redirected to the relevant sites. The screen differs from one recipient to another but it usually looks something like this:

A screen with user and password. Be careful: the program puts them in and do not type anything else.

Then follow the instructions or answer the questions asked.

Usually you can get an acknowledgement of receipt at the end of the process.

If there is only a receipt button (e.g. for sending withholding tax), click on it. On the right hand side you will see the total amount sent and the deductions made. There are no other receipts at the moment.


The first time you use this function, you must click on "Connection settings". (Not necessary afterwards)

Click on Install Certificates

Fill in the contact information