Year-end/beginning year memory aid:

- December closing brings the year closing.

- print the annual general summary for review:

How to print an annual general summary

- print the paper insurance lists for control :

How to print an OASI list

How to print a list of those not subject to OASI

How to print a list for the family allowance fund

How to print an DII list

How to print a LAA list

How to print a LAAC list

-Print salary certificates :

How to print salary certificates

and check them against the employee summaries

-Make the declarations via PUCS if you have insurances linked to the system

- Carry over the end of the year in order to open the new year:

Create the new year

- In the new year :

- load 2022 withholding tax tables:

In a company


In several companies at the same time

- Modify the LAA/LAAC/IJM contribution rates in the insurance references if there are any changes in 2022

- Indicate the new pension fund contribution amounts


In January, there is no initialization in the calculation. Simply click on "Compute all".