Updates are sent every 6 months and can be downloaded from the link in the e-mail. It is possible that the after-sales service will provide you with a direct link in case of a specific problem. The procedure is the same.

Make sure you have the necessary rights on your system to do so.

By clicking on the link of update, it will be necessary according to the navigator used: to download the .exe then to execute it:

When you run the .exe, a download bar appears at the bottom right of your screen.

Once this loading is finished, an installer (.msi) must be launched.

So we answer positively:

Follow the steps :

Check the destination directory carefully. If the update has already been performed from this station in the past, it will propose the same directory.

On the other hand, if this is not the case, it may propose C:\ which is not necessarily what you want.


Then click on next.

Click on Install.

Let it work.

When you enter the payroll program, you can check that the update has been correctly installed, because the program version is written there.

Note that when an update is made, a folder is generated on the desktop each time. It is useless to keep them: