ave and execute the download link of the installer sent by GIT.

At the end of the download, allow the installer to start by clicking on "Yes" :

The installer asks for a data directory. You must indicate the network directory before clicking on "next".

Check the destination directory carefully. It will propose C:\GIT\WinEURSalaires\ . If is not what you want, change it.


Click on install.

The first time the program is launched, a BDE installation error appears. This is normal, you have to say "yes" to install the BDE.

Click on Yes.

Follow the instructions of the BDE Wizard:

Once the installation of the BDE is finished, we run the program which is located on the network, under the GIT folder.

Before starting, the program asks us where the salary data will be saved:

Specify the desired directory on the network, then click OK.

 The system asks to enter the license information:

The default password for the ADMIN user is "admin":