This contribution must be typed "Foundation for professional and continuing education Geneva".

Not active for minors but yes for pensioners with the deductible of 1400.00.

Employer's share: -0.082%.

As for the AVS administrative costs, the rate depends on the total amount. We have set the maximum rate by default. As the program makes the calculations for each employee, there is no notion of global mass. As with the administrative costs, you have to use estimates to adjust the contribution on the basis of an average.


It applies to the same elements as the CAF items.

Check "Part of social deductions".

To avoid having to create it from scratch, we have prepared a utility for you. Before you go, you must first decide which field number you are going to assign to it. So, start by going to look at your items to make the decision.

Go to Diagnostics - Tools - Payroll tools - Create FFPC item : 

Don't forget to add it to the voucher.