The OASI administrative costs item must be linked to the corresponding OASI contract.

This makes it possible to assign the corresponding rates and limit the risk of error at the employee level if there are several OASI contracts.

At the level of the items :

In the Global tab, the type "OASI administrative costs" must be chosen.

In the Computation elements tab, select the OASI contract to which the item applies.

There are no tabs to fill in the rates to be applied since they are in the OASI contract settings:

The "Applied to" tab must be used according to the calculation method of the fund in question.

Sytem 1: the charges apply to the payroll concerned. In this case the same items are checked as in the "Applied to" tab of the OASI item

System 2: the costs apply to the total OASI contributions (employee+employer). In this case only the OASI field is checked

(by default, when creating a new company, the company is set up according to system 1).


If the company is pre-existing and set up with a "Generic" field, there is no need to change anything if it suits the user. The advantage of applying the new system is that it limits the risk of forgetting the employee's settings.

If you want to modify an existing company (this can be done at any time), then you must :

- in the tab "Global" change the type of item

- in the tab "Computationn elements" choose the AVS contract

- in the tab "Applied to": do nothing, continue as above

- in the AVS contract, indicate the contribution rate

a) in negative if it applies to a group of items

b) in positive * 2 if it applies to the OASI (positive because the amount of OASI is already in negative, *2 because it calculates on a share and the rate indicated by the funds relates to the entire contributions)

- adjust employee management

a) if there are few employees, do it directly in tab 5 "Salary data", "OASI / Unemployment / AF".

b) if there are many employees, go through the insurance contract update utility: :

Choose the contract and check the employees concerned:

Click on apply