Go to Insurance references :

Double-click (or modify button) on the LPP line.

Fill in all the fields. 

If there are different types of pension fund in the company, it is important to determine whether they are different contracts or one contract with several categories. If there are several contract numbers, you must create several pension fund contracts here and ensure that there are as many salary items.

If there is only one contract but different insureds, create them in the Contract Details:

1- If you intend to set up fixed contribution amounts for each employee, leave the employee and employer rates blank

2- If the rate is the same for all the people concerned, indicate it in the rate boxes.

3 - If it is a table by age groups, check Contribution Table and click on Table. Check Age and enter the detail lines.

4 - If it is a table based on seniority, select Contribution Table and click on Table. Check Length of employment, choose the Time unit and enter the detail lines.

Go to Settings, Salary items and check in the Computation elements tab that the contract matches:

For more details on how to set up pension fund salary items, see here .

To see how to manage it at the employee level, see here.