There are several methods to process the indemnities received from the insurances DII / LAA / LAAC / APG.

The main thing is to do it according to the habit that has always prevailed in the company.

Examples: November - 15 days of DII

Method 1

It consists in keeping the basic salary so that it is displayed in the payslip, to use the item "Illness indemnity (or accident or other)" to indicate the amount received from the insurance company and the item "Correction of daily allowances" to reduce the basic salary by the amount not worked by the employee.

Example :

Method 2

Put directly the amount worked in the basic salary and the amount of IJM in the heading "Indemnité maladie":

Method 3

Detail more specifically what is being paid by day salary items:

In this case, it is necessary to activate the necessary standard salary items as required:

and enter the daily amounts in the employee's permanent items: