When the salaries are calculated and controlled, we can proceed to the payment

Go to Payment :

On the right-hand side, start by selecting the company's bank from which the payment will be made. If more than one bank has been defined as the employer's bank (in case of doubt, see here), scroll down the field and choose the desired bank.

 The issue date is the date on which the payment order is generated. The debit value date is the date on which you want the bank to make the payment.

 If you have chosen to make the payments by ISO20022, give the path where to save the file and its name.

When the data is complete, click on OK.

A window opens with the printable payment order (corresponding to the content of the generated ISO20022 file).

Click on close. If you ask for the creation of an ISO20022 file the following message will appear:

and the file will have been generated.

If you want to pay the salaries in several ISO20022 files, you can highlight the salaries already paid by double-clicking on them. When you come back to the payments, they will be in blue and can be unchecked so as not to be paid a second time.