The definition of salary certificate can be found at :

In the definition window you can set the preferences:

- in which cases the employment rate is printed in the number 15

- whether to print the employer's serial number in the signature block (in the case of the canton of Vaud, if you tick it, the salary certificate will act as a withholding tax receipt)

- if the elements concerning both the recurring and the non-periodic (grossups etc...) are broken down

On the left side there are the boxes of the certificate with their standard number. When you position yourself on the boxes, you have to check the items that should be added up in the boxes on the Employee share tab. If necessary, there could also be employer shares.

The Print button allows you to have a summary of each box with its content.

The Previous year button allows you to see the possible differences with the previous year.

Setting the parameters in the salary items

When you create a new item, you can already make the choice without having to come here. You can choose the box directly from the Statistics/Certificate tab