The form letters can be made using a "Payroll" type format.

Go to "Format Editor" :

Choose "File" - "New Report" or the button :

Choose a type "Salary card" :

Choose the different parameters:

We then obtain an empty standard format:

with 3 zones:

- Header first page: we will put the address of the recipient, the date, the subject and the greeting and possibly a logo (see the article about adding a logo). Enlarge the header area by double-clicking it and give it a height of 114mm.

- Detail lines: add as many as necessary with the command :

- Footer : if you want to make a footer aligned with the bottom of the page (See the explanatory article here). Add a second footer to put the hidden fields:

This will result in something like :

Front page header area

Place the address of the recipient. (In case of doubt see the article on compound fields). Then the other elements that you want to include in the header.

This can result in something like:

The "Concerns" is a typed text. The others are compound fields.

Detail lines area

Create as many lines as necessary.

They do not all have to be the same height. In the example above, the first line contains a complete paragraph.

In the following lines, there is text (in black) and fields (in green).

The mechanics of the printing conditions of the detail lines containing fields is the same as for the payslip.

And therefore a complete letter that will be edited via the same process as the pay slips by choosing the format created: