In order to make a compound field, it is necessary to have the necessary data already present in the format.

In order to find your way around, you must avoid putting them anywhere, anyhow.... A good solution is to have them either in a dedicated detail line or in a second footer.

Example to make a compound address field.

Create a line break field:

Click on the button

and create the field :

Insert the necessary hidden fields using the button in the selected area:

(click on the button and then where you want to insert a field)

In the case of an address, it will be necessary :

For each inserted field

Make sure that the "Auto-size" box is checked and that the "Visible" box is unchecked.

To distinguish the hidden fields, you can put them in italics.

Once this part is done, we can create the address in the header of the page.

Click on the button

then in the header area of the page.

Give the properties of the field (example):

Click on the Add button and insert all the fields you need

The appearance of the format will then be