Here is how to generate a list of children of employees with their date of birth. This can be useful, among other things, if you want to make a consistency check with the withholding tax rates applied.

Go to data extraction :

Enter the following text in the window and the title of the report:

Test by clicking on the gear wheel:

The result looks like this:

Close this window and save the query :

Go to the Sort tab and toggle to the right cempl (employee codes) then NumChild (child no.) using the > button:

This will display the employees and their children in order. Save the query.

When the extraction table is generated, it is possible to make filters.

Example: we only want the children born before 2000:

Click on the filter (the funnel). Check date of birth. Choose "Smaller" and type 01.01.2000. Click on ok.

It will display only the desired children.

By clicking on the printer icon,

You can obtain either a preview, a printout, an opening in a spreadsheet or an opening of an e-mail with the report in pdf as an attachment.

If you want to check the correctness of the withholding tax scales applied in relation to the age of the children, it may be useful to include the letter of the scale in this list. In this case, the query will be :

and we'll get :

In order to copy and paste the above queries, you can download them in Word format: