If you want to change the structure of all the codes used, rather than doing them one by one, you can create a file and import it into the program.

Example :

We want to replace the codes by numbers.

Go to Data Extraction, click on Tools, Generate a query, choose Employe.db :

and click on next..

Select the employee code CEMPL :

Click on OK.

Click on the gear wheel

It generates the list of codes. Click on the printer icon and choose spreadsheet.

Save the Excel file.

In the first column, there should be only the current codes to be modified (delete the header lines).

Enter the new codes in the second column next to the old ones.

Save the file as a tab-delimited text file.

Go to diagnosic, Tools, Renaming tools, Rename employees codes from a file:

Get the file.

and click on Execute.

When the job is done, a log is displayed:

You can check :

Just for the record : unless there is a real reason to choose numbers, it is better to avoid them because in most displays, employees come in alphabetical order of codes.