Only the ADMIN user can manage users. It is he who creates them and assigns them their access rights.

The management of users is accessible on the main screen:

Click on the Users icon.

There are several types of users.

The ADMIN user

This is the one that is present when the program is installed and cannot be removed. He has all rights including deleting companies. He is the one who creates the other users and assigns them their rights. He automatically has access to all the companies present. 

The AdminEquivalent user

He has the same rights as the ADMIN user but only on the companies to which he has been given access.

See here for details of the settings.

The standard user

He can manage employees, calculate salaries, edit documents and reports but does not have access to certain sensitive functions such as recalculation or setting up the salary items on the companies to which it has been given access.

See here for details of the settings.

The read-only user

It has access to all visualizations and printouts but none to the calculation and settings.

See here for details of the settings.

The administrative user

This is the most restrictive concept. He only has access to certain elements of employee management and/or vacation management. It is therefore possible to give access to someone who will not see anything about salaries. This can be useful if, for example, a person should only be in charge of keeping the addresses, work permits of the employees up to date or entering the vacation days taken.

See here for details of the settings.