Start by cleaning up the employee card..... When you create an employee, all the active items are checked. Unchecking what does not concern the employee and will therefore serve no purpose other than to lengthen the screen when you are in the calculation entry screen. If you keep everything, you will have to go up and down with the scrollbar, whereas if you keep the essentials, in general everything fits on one screen. If a new element should be activated, you can come back and check it at any time.

There is no point in keeping the UI item active if the person is not doing military service, nor the child benefit for someone who does not have one, etc. If you leave the Pursuit according to net heading active, as the amount remains at zero, the employee will find himself without a salary and the net amount to be transferred to the pursuit office.....

For the items that do not return every month with the same amount (advance, accident indemnity, etc...) keep them active without indicating an amount in the right part of the screen.

For the items that come back every month with the same amount, indicate the fixed amount. Example: children's allowance, Fr. 300.

Items active during a period: this allows you to activate a generic item over time so that it is activated on the desired date. Example: a loan repayment valid from July 2014 to April 2017.

Only activate the number of banks needed by the employee. Never activate banks and cash at the same time.