You can create new items by clicking on the Add button. You must then go through all the tabs and fill in all the fields correctly.

The number must be between 1 and 9999. It is not allowed to make numbers with more than 4 digits.

It is always better to respect the logic of the numbering.

If you want to create a new item that looks like an existing one, it is easier to copy and paste. However, be careful to modify what is needed in the new item in the different tabs.


Example: You want to create overtime at 300%. Right click to copy/paste :

As these are hours, the same thing must be done with the related itemss 2208 and 2210.

Change the name of the created items:

Change, in this case, the predefined values on the Employee Part and Employer Part tabs:

Edit Applied to:

(it will have kept the link with the 1208 when copying. It must be unchecked).

The new items are then created and ready to use.


If the new item is to be included in the payslip, it must be added using the format editor.

When an item is created, it is not active in the employee management. To activate it you have to go to the employee management in tab 5 and check it. If you need to activate it for everyone, use the appropriate utility.

In case of accounting influence, you have to check it in the definition of the voucher.

An item can be deleted as long as it has not been used in the current year.