If you want to offer a bonus or other gross for net, it is necessary to have two items available:

- 1 item for the bonus itself

- 1 item for compensation to absorb the costs

The bonus item is a generic item subject to the usual elements. You have to check "Compensated item" for it to be compensated.

The offset item must be checked "Gross-Net compensation" and there must be no more than one of this type. Subject to the usual elements.

These two items must be activated at the same time for the employee concerned. The amount entered in the bonus item will be added to the net salary and the compensation will be calculated by itself.

If you wish to offer the compensation without withholding tax, you have to modify the swithholding tax item by checking "Deduction not compensated":

This setting is valid for the whole company: it is not possible to do it for some employees and not for others.