Working Time Reduction => WTR below

Calculation of WTR with unemployed hours

To be applicable, you must have the program version 5.5.42 or higher.

Items to be used:

The usual items for the entire salary.

Hourly wage: normal hours item

For an employee paid by the hour, indicate the total number of hours for the month (worked and WTR)

The new itemss :

1700 No. of hours compensated WTR: indicate the number of hours that are going to be covered by WTR

2700 WTR Allowances is calculated alone

2701 WTR deduction is calculated alone

2702 Base 13ème WTR is calculated alone

In order to easily create these new items, we have provided you with a utility.

Go to Diagnostic - Salary tools - Create WTR items :

Indicate the selected item numbers:

Note: for those who have a recent company where standard items exist, if the 1600 headings already exist, do not use them. You must find a zone without wage types. The same goes for old companies with three-digit items: avoid creating the necessary items after the net salary.

The items will be ready to use. However, if the calculation is to be applied to elements other than the basic salary, they must be ticked. 

The calculations made are an approximation. It is clear that if the hours taken into account show a decision with a specific amount, then it will be necessary to put this hourly amount in the management of the employees concerned (also if it is a question of a salary exceeding the unemployment ceiling):

The calculation of the WTR compensation takes into account the legal minimum WTR compensation. This means that salaries between 3470 and 4340 are compensated at 3470.  It is understood that this amount is adjusted in proportion to the occupation rate of the person concerned.

If you create a new company today, the items will be standard