A grossup line item is necessary when salaries have been negotiated gross for net. This item will absorb what is needed to maintain the promised net.


Promised salary 15'000.-- + 1'500.-- travel expenses = 16'500.--.

In addition, included a private share of car of 350.-- and a paid accommodation of 3'500.--.

The calculation will therefore be :

Where we see that the program had to calculate a grossup of 13'053.25 to maintain the net.

How to use :

1- Create a Grossup item

In the "Applied to" tab, check the elements to be taken into account according to your needs:

In the "Submitted to" tab, check the usual items:

Do not check any box concerning the salary certificate.

2 - Definition of the salary certificate

Check Split items concerning recurring as well as unperiodical operations :

Thus, if bonuses or other payments are made that should go into box 3 of the salary certificate, the program will also break down the grossup into the correct boxes.

3 - Employee management

Indicate the base salary and activate the elements concerning it as usual.

Activate the grossup item.