These items may collect information that will not necessarily be calculated as such in the salary.

Purely statistical


If you want to store employee absence days or overtime hours in order to display them in the general employee summary, you can use items like :

These items will have no impact on the salary calculation but may be displayed:

They are stored in the same way as the others. This allows, for example, if you want to display a cross table of sickness absences, to do so via a table of extraction of items. (see here)

If you use the overtime/recovered hours, you can include them in the payslip:

Items with an impact on the calculation

These items can be used as a supplement to perform calculations.

Example: A pension fund is deducted as a rate. If the salary is reduced due to daily allowances, the pension fund must continue to apply to the normal salary.

Statistical type item, subject to pension fund :

The missing amount required for the complete calculation basis will be indicated: