Several checks should be performed in case of environment problems (slowness, table access errors) when running WinEur Payroll.

  1. Check the exclusions of the files used by WinEur Payroll in the anti-virus, on the data server as well as on ALL the client PCs.

  2. Check the exclusions of the file indexes for the data and system directory of WinEur Payroll.

  3. Check the SMB cache as well as the SMB session timeout.

    The AddKeys.exe program (download) allows you to check the registry keys settings and to update them automatically if necessary.
    Warning : The modification must be done on all the clients and servers.

    Don't forget to reboot all the computers

  4. Disable caching

    Disable caching (or offline availability) of shared files for the WinEur Payroll data and system directory.

    Check the highlighted values below.
    Accessible in WinEur Payroll in the Help menu, program settings or with Shift+F1.

    Since the company list, you can modify this parameters in the "Tools" and "Paramètres BDE" menu. (accessible since the version)

    If the menu is not accessible, change the highlighted values in the registry editorUnder : \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Borland\Database Engine\Settings\SYSTEM\INIT

  5. Check the network :

    - If there is obsolete hardware (cables, switch, network card) (not Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), 1000BASE-T certified)
    - Do not use wireless connections (WIFI) !

  6. Check the machine :

    - CPU resources- RAM memory resources
    - Disk resources (R/W)
    - Hardware compatibility (NAS not compatible!)
    - Operating system update

  7. Check if the problem is reproducible locally: directly on the machine (WinEUR)