First of all, you need to know whether this is a budget for this current year or for next year. (See "How create new year budget")

Setting up budget items

A budget provides several possible views of the company :

  • Detailed view of the company --> 1 position = 1 employee
  • Overall view of the company, a departement, a service --> 1 position = several employees, or one employee = several positions

Menu  "Budget items management"

You can use the "Create from an employee" function, or if you have a large number of employees to process, you can use the "Chain creating" function.

If an employee has been newly created in the current year (for example, in November) and needs to be added to next year's budget, you can retrieve it as follows: Create a budget item based on a previous year's employee

It is also possible to enter a budget item manually, in anticipation of the arrival of a new employee. See Creating a budget item manually