Click on the "Add" button.

The budget code and description are mandatory, as well as the department(s) with a total of 100%.



On the "Payroll data" tab, you need to enter a base salary, with the rate of employment, as well as the salary equivalent to 100%.

"Insurance" tab

Enter the LAA contract code and the LAA code, as well as the benefit contract.




"Other items" tab

By default, all items types set up in "Other items" are checked.

Note : if there are grossup and net/gross compensation items, one of them must be unchecked. It's the same as for salaries. Both options are not possible.





"13th salary" tab

Indicate whether there is a 13th salary and the conditions for obtaining it, as well as the day of payment.






"Item evolution" tab

Enter the headings to be changed during the year.