Go to menu "Budget analysis"

Predefined analysis

By answering "Yes", the data analysis is launched, and the retrieval of employee, position and salary data is updated.

 Select the desired period and comparison :

  1. By budget item
  2. By employee
  3. By item
  4. By department
  5. By analytical account
  6. By period
  7. Customized


It's possible to take heed on closed payroll only, to compare with reality.

Double-click on an item to display details by employee, item, department and analytical account.



From a detail line, the "Calculated salary" button can be used to
displays a comparison between the employee's salary and the budget
defined for the period in question.

Customized analysis

View definitions are fixed. They cannot be modified. However, the "Customized" menu allows you to define customized views and thus create top-down budget analyses.


Right-click on "My budgets" The following menu appears.
Select one of the possible breakdowns

The item breakdown is displayed, and you can add another breakdown to the first.

  • Once you've defined the layout(s), don't forget to save the new view or presentation. This can be done by clicking on the folder with the green "+", or via the "Save this presentation" menu.
  • Click on "New presentation", to create another presentation, or "Delete all distributions in this presentation".
  • To delete a previously saved presentation, select the view and click on the folder with the red "X".