To import a vacation excel file, go to “Management of holidays”, “Tools” and “Import vacation from an Excel file”.

In import vacations, select the “Tools” menu and “Create an excel file for making entry...”.

Save the “.xls” file.

The generated file contains the following informations.

Year : current year

Month : months of the year (from 1 to 12)

Employee code : corresponding employee code in WinEurSalaries

Yearly allowance : allowance for the month * 12

Monthly allowance : not used

Holidays taken : vacations taken for the period

Balance : only included if year corresponds to previous year (2023 in the example) and month to period 12

Description : memo

See example below :

ATTENTION : Indicate only the employees and periods to be updated. Delete the lines with no information.

Enter the lines to be modify (The whole line will be crushed) and save the file

To update the datas, return to the “Import vacation from an Excel file” menu.

Select the file to be imported and click on “Check”.

If the following message appears, the *.xls file is open in excel. Close it and run the check again.

Once the check is complete, click on the “Execute” button.
Exit the window. 

Datas are updated.